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Why Sudan, internet users find ways to beat blackout

Why Sudan, internet users find ways to beat blackout

In a cafe in Sudan’s capital, a group of young men sit on mobile phones to circumvent the Internet blackout imposed by military rulers.

“It seems that we are back in time – we are all isolated from everything, even the outer world,” said 25-year-old Mohammed Umar, with his friends in the cafe in the upscale neighborhood of Khartoum Were sitting on the table.

“The internet is one that allows us to know what is happening inside and outside the country.”

Since the violent dispersal of protest camp outside army headquarters on June 3, the internet has been disconnected on mobile phones and fixed-line connections in Sudan, causing the score to be dead and hundreds injured.

According to users, the ruling military zumba introduced a blackout to prevent the mob of protesters.

“He cut the internet so that people can not communicate to stop them from gathering,” said Umar, who regularly rocked Khatoum for months.

Due to early protests, the prices of roti rose three times in December and on 11 April the cause of the fall of President Omar al-Bashir.

But the protesters did not stop there, demanded the movement of military jute which seized power to hand over the civil rule.

Even routine activities like checking social media or booking a taxi through online application is almost impossible.

“My parents live abroad, and the internet was the only means of our communication,” said Umar, wearing an elegant suede jacket and elegant gray jacket.

“Earlier, we could see each other through video, and now I have to make an international call.”

Gross violation

In the coffee shop, some were sitting around the wooden table while others wrote on their phone and surfed on their laptop.

Here, the price of the internet is 50 Sudanese pounds, almost one dollar.

Normally in Sudan, the internet can now be accessed only through landline or fiber optic cables, and the connection is irregular.

In a shopping mall in Khartoum, customers steal many cell phone shops and e-cafes, which provide rare access.

At the entrance of the shops, the eyes of men and women – sitting or standing or tilted on the walls – their eyes were fixed on their mobile phones.

Major opposition leader Mohammed Nazi Assam told reporters this week, “Cutting the Internet is one of the means of widening the gap between the military council (demonstration movement) and people.”

The impact of blackout took place on Tuesday night when some people came out on the streets, even when opposition leaders called for new night shows.

Human Rights Watch criticized opacity as a “gross violation.”

In the June 12 report, the rights group said, “Governments, who try to suppress peaceful political dissent, have cut off access to the Internet in many cases during the time of political sensitivity and crisis.”

For the generals, the Internet and social media are a threat.

“As far as social media is concerned, during this period we see it as a threat to the security of the country and we will not talk to the reporters last week,” Military spokesman General Shamsuddin Kababashi said.

On Wednesday, officials banned the Consumer Protection Society from organizing a press conference on the blackout of the Internet.

People still communicate

The companies which have faced the shortage of power are struggling to keep their services running.

Kamal, an employee of an international travel agency, said that his company – which regularly arranges tickets for the embassies and United Nations agencies – has to make a booking through phone calls and text messages because it is the Internet Can not use.

Through Sudan, the Internet can now be accessed only through landline or fiber optic cables, and communication is irregular.

“We receive calls from our customers and then we call our back office in Nairobi,” he said, “who book tickets and send us a ticket number.”

“We send ticket numbers to the customer, who then goes to the airport to take boarding passes from the airport center.”

“If the card needs to be modified, we are used to do this with our system … but now we have to send people to the airline office.”

After the launch of a Civil Disobedience Movement after protesters protested by the demonstrators, other Sudanese travel agencies have been closed for several days this month.

“First, four, five, six or seven tickets could be booked in one day, but now it takes only four days to book one ticket,” said Hewm, who closed his agency during the insurance campaign.

The main factor was its “very poor” internet connection in the office.

He said that the blackness imposed by the generals “to end the revolution.”

Top Taking the Wealth Management Industry by a Storm, one Robo at a Time

Top Taking the Wealth Management Industry by a Storm, one Robo at a Time

You are a young, prosperous and eager to learn sports and win the stock market. What are you stopping? Your fear Fear not being able to help on the name of a financial advisor, and to be unable to swallow the consequences of those risks which you want to bear.

After all, almost a century ago, established financial companies created wealth management to separate their rich customers from the private sector from regular customers and over time changed into a widely accepted idea in the global financial services market.

In 2009, a 17-month downturn market finally ended due to the Great Depression. Financial crisis is a turning point for the industry, some of which have been left behind:

The remaining financial companies have learned from them the mistakes of the past, have integrated these key trends to change their business model, and have progressed towards future success. Let’s see how!

An appetite among those investors whose assets are in vulnerability, an initial look of today’s advanced technology has been optimized immediately after the financial crisis, and has been introduced in the world of wealth management – pending – Robo advisor .

Under the humble beginnings, Robo Consultant is now a completely different category of financial advisors, providing algorithms based digital investment management services with minimal human intervention. These services range from automatic planning and asset allocation to account rebalancing and risk assessments.

The choice of appropriate Robo Advisor on the portfolio can be fast, effective and easy, as compared to traditional financial advisers, through a set of well-organized air operations, minimum investment requirements, and a set of automatic capabilities.

Has the human counselor’s intellect been removed from the equation already

To be fair, this pioneering technique has seen a steady increase in its popularity since its inception. Along with Robo Advisors targeting AUM and helping ETF investing, it is estimated that the total assets traded through digital consulting can be up to $ 1 trillion by 2020.

However, the best part of all this is the set of options available, and how can the experience be adaptable at each demographic level of the customer base, and if they are cooperated with them, then the Robo Advisor is the relationship between human consultant and customer. How can help in strengthening

Simply – there is something for everyone, and although human consultants definitely face stiff competition, they are not necessarily extinct.

In accordance with the success of independent robot advisors like Behavior, Wealthfront and Personal Capital – all meet the needs of different sectors of the spectrum, it seems that the leaders of the wealth management industries know this. Thus, with the constant increase of Robo advisors, two important trends are emerging within known financial companies:

Affiliate Financial Advisor: You do not have a Daily Robo Advisor

Remember when we talked about the word management system created by some of the most established companies in the industry? With a proven track record of success today, it is essential for these companies to take advantage of the latest technology trends while maintaining their core values ​​to remain joyful in the industry.

One of these driving forces is Morgan Stanley. Since its establishment in 1935, Morgan Stanley has been loyal to his commitment to change the society. Along with the global footprint of nearly 16,000 financial advisors, the company has been successful in breaking its stereotype robo.

While Morgan Stanley’s financial advisors continued to build strong relationships with their clients through traditional channels, the company did a search in proportion to the client’s advisory, much earlier than this game.

To begin with these challenges, the company created a simple, rule-based solution in 2013, which developed a vision for a real-time decision engine that is called Next Best Action Platform.

Morgan Stanley’s next best action platform was launched in 2018, which is a very advanced device. It promotes advanced technology concepts such as automatic learning and artificial intelligence to provide financial advisors with customized and relevant investment ideas so that they can engage each of their customers.

The adaptation process arises from the thousands of ideas that the equipment initially make based on investment, timely information, life events and operational problems.

Every idea is then recorded at the customer and advisory level and the most relevant ideas are presented to the financial advisor on a daily basis. Now, is not it great?

This technology-driven effort by Morgan Stanley is one of the industry’s most successful stories for today’s hybrid human advisory model. Why one? Just because he not only increased the customer partnership, but instead of trying to change the company’s outstanding financial advisors directly, he helped empower them.

Morgan Stanley’s chief analyst and analysis officer Jeffrey Macmillan said, “They are good at distributing educational ideas and behaviors over time, but they can not replace human sympathizers with experience and sympathy.

” While Robo’s advisors have gained momentum to succeed in the industry, they have a long way to find high-value homes, especially when the place of human consultants is in place.

The best Robo creator made in the game

While Robo-Human Models become cooperative with corporate financial advisors, there are hundreds of independent Robo advisors who meet the needs of net-rated clients.

However, when it comes to financial companies, who have the largest money management platform, then what exactly is there for everyone? About a decade or two ago, the answer was difficult.

Now, the timing and impact of technology has changed a new movement between industry leaders. Reputable banks and financial services companies destroy convictions and launch their versions of Robo advisors.

For example, take Charles Schwab Charles Schwab Corporation was founded in 1975 and is one of the largest brokerage firms in the United States.

In 2015, the company launched its Advisor Robo, Smart Schwab Papers Portfolio. For the rest of Robo’s independent advisors, the smart folder can be accessed by anyone who can start investing at least $ 5,000.


Top Sometimes just having a good idea isn’t enough

Top Sometimes just having a good idea isn’t enough

Toast bread and toast toast This is the picture that comes out of mind for most people who portray “inventions”. It is usually a tool or tool cooked in strange garden, garba balls in the garden shed or silicon valley garage.

Between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries, these myths were worthy of “crossing the bug of chaos”.

On the day of Albert Einstein’s death, Time Magazine photographer Ralph Morse infiltrated the office of Princeton physicist in New Jersey. His famous image shows the office of one of the greatest minds in history – a complete and complete mess.

While living, Einstein was quoted as saying: “If the crowded office is a sign of chaos disturbances, what do we think of an empty office?” In many ways, it is baseless. Anything new is usually required of those who are ready to mess around first.

People like the story of power talent, a different thinker who jumps out of the bathroom and shouts “Eureka!” After Epiphany

The idea of ​​an organized industrial resource for inventions is difficult for most people to portray. This is due to the cultural depiction of machines during industrial revolution, such as cotton yarn guinea, steam locomotive engine, or Henry Ford manufacturing line.

Everyone was initially humiliated by the public, who did not fully understand them because they were just more complex ways of making things that can actually be human hands.

Perhaps the greatest example of a public misunderstanding of role plays in invention comes from the absurd complexity of the cartoon of William Heath Robinson. Complex mechanical processes that are unnecessary to obtain relatively simple results – including simple works like potato peeling, removing warts and making pancakes – they were not as entertaining as they were creating positive industrial processes.

However, today a large number of technological advances have been achieved within large corporations and institutions which can afford to develop new technologies.

In addition, the era of the use of Heath Robinson ended. Rapid progress in information technology has changed the story of a completely modern inventor – transferred from the barn to the lab.

Here is a clear example: Any aspiring inventor who is searching on the Internet to help make his idea a reality, Innovate will stumble into one of many early creative groups being advertised by companies like Design Design.

These include all the potential inventors who need them. But inside you will not find keys for a drawing paper, electronic device D-i-Y and a device. Alternatively, C.A.D. Software Design, 3D Printer Model Tutorial, IP Patent Application.

Instead of great tampering with stammering on the computer screen, components look weird with “light bulb moment”.

But this is exactly the same thing. The invention has been updated. Today, in addition to wrong thinking, experimentation and luck, you will also need research, planning and building skills.

For many, Sir James Dyson is the true inventor who created it himself. But, as he describes in our special interview, he is also a protector of “industrial inventions” necessary to take your view to the next level.

“Sometimes just a good idea is not enough,” he explains.

“The public focuses on the stories, inventions and fights of inventors, well-known inventors, you know the inventor syndrome in the garden, while 99.99999% inventions have been made in the company by very creative people but shame is that The public looks like a man in the garden – the story of Dyson or Trevor Piles, which is unfortunate, it is a test to make an invention in life And lowers the accuracy, which work together to achieve something which is to them. ”

The type of industrial inventions she practices in Dyson shows the gap between big companies and startups that both are trying to create new techniques.

A clear difference is the ability of large companies, not for startup, to renew.

According to Fry, invention occurs when a thought is translated into something. More specifically, Fry explains that invention involves the creation of a prototype that normally works to test and show your concept. This process may require dreaming, observing, building ideas, searching, tampering and engineering. But you should end up with the guide.

Innovation is what happens next.

In fact, the word innovation is often used as a big word in order to describe the challenges that companies should overcome in order to massively produce product – like simplification, shaving costs, supply chain management and Team making teams …

How A.I. Ethics Boards Should Be Based on Human Rights

How A.I. Ethics Boards Should Be Based on Human Rights

Who should be a member of the Ethics Committee of the technology company that works in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)? Given the devastating failure of Google’s Advanced Technology Advisory Board (ATEAC) earlier this year, which was announced and canceled within a week, it is very important to go to the bottom of this question. For example, Google considered it “returning to the drawing board”.

Tech companies realize that artificial intelligence changes the mobility of power as a provider of AI. And the automated learning system, they should constantly think about the moral implications of their inventions.

This is the reason that when they do nothing similar to the previous techniques, they are “Documents for AI”. As Vision publishes documents. (Google has never published “web search principles”), but what version of ethics should they choose?

Moral rules, principles, and decisions vary between time, place and culture, and communities can not be reconciled even within. There is so much controversy that the red line is easily AI. Applications, such as lethal self-arms and government registration systems such as China, are testing.

Whose Human Rights

Article 4 of the UN declaration on human rights says that no one will be kept in slavery. Definitely, at this time in history, this should be an undisputed moral proposition. However, the International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that by 2017, 25 million people were forcibly engaged in labor or service.

This includes cases of sexual trafficking, child soldiers, domestic work, construction and agriculture. So if this clear human rights are ambitious, then consider the challenges of more complex issues, such as the right to get married in Article 16.

Community LGBTQ + is one of the most vulnerable communities in the world at risk, and with limited employment (Article 23) and social opportunities (Article 22) and even treatment and even torture (Article 5) changes Is subject to everything.

In countries where homosexuality and sex-incompetent identities are criminalized, the rate of mental health and suicidal issues among these groups is high. Gay marriage has become a controversial subject almost everywhere, a topic that is often associated with religious concepts that restrict human rights.

That company was working with conservatives – including a number of Google inside – when Google appointed Kay Cole James, chairman of Heritage Foundation, in his advisory board of technology, he objected to many critics.

Google i Aye The basic principles in the debate are because they include a commitment by companies to create or avoid the use of “incompatible technology with the aim of international law and the principles of human rights widely accepted.”

James Bmnahith known as gay, bisexual and transgender and transgender as individuals are not suitable for transgender and through personal thoughts on the sexual life of a human being, and the heritage foundation, which has long been traditional marriage “,” How can you expect Google’s accountability for your stated ideals?

Other complications arise because companies are accountable to shareholders, unlike individuals or governments. The fulfillment of their credit commitments can mean priority to development, emphasizing profits and working with international clients, whose political loyalty changes with the authoritarian democratic series.

This in a way raises questions about the integrity of corporate ethics. When tech companies talk about ethics, critics fear that it is a strategy to avoid strong governmental rules and gain goodwill, which includes empty slogans after at least the legal compliance.

Thus, when technology companies Ai The ethics panel can be seen as a “self-washing” interface of ethics.

There is often justification for ridicule. After all, these companies promote transparency but encourage “the language of trade that prevents them” and the AI.

Ethics researchers who do not always disclose their wealth to companies, and in one case, keep the Ethics panel confidential. If technology companies want to build meaningful ethical practices, then they should invite the right people to their ethical council and enable these people to make publicly available recommendations and make companies accountable for transparent standards.

Human rights. Policy

Through design decisions, implementation strategies and unexpected results, there is the ability to influence life around the world. In military contexts, law enforcement, banking, criminal justice, employment, and even product distribution references, human rights algorithm may threaten system discrimination, threaten public speech and gathering, and limit access to information. .

Considering these problems, he has taken the AI. Governance is based on the view of our human rights, including ethical guidelines of the European Commission on Trustworthy Amnesty International, the action for the theory and social responsibility of the Economic Cooperation and Development Organization (OECD) on Amnesty International, Amnesty International: Rights-based Planning To manage business, data and society. : Protection of human rights and human rights in the age of AI

Human rights are incomplete, subject to conflicting interpretations, and are included in the “High expectations” agenda. Although human rights are considered universal, they are not respected everywhere.

However, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the best statement prepared for universal social and legal equality and fundamental personal freedom. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers properly cites that human rights are also a viable sign among the various ethical traditions.

“Whether our practices are Western (Aristotleian, Canton), Eastern (Shinto, Confucius), African (or Ubuntu) or from different traditions, through the establishment of independent and intelligent systems, which clearly defines the human rights of the weak and its users Honors the benefits of human welfare as a measure of progress in the era of algorithms. ”

Technology companies are Ai In relation to the company’s strategy, this standard should be adopted through a clear commitment to the comprehensive interpretation of human rights protection. System The only people to them are AI. Ethical Councils which support human rights for all.

Once the board members have been elected, the technology companies should ask them to maintain a clear commitment for human rights from these experts throughout their tenure.

How Florence’s Street Art Finds A New Home In Fiesole

How Florence's Street Art Finds A New Home In Fiesole

Located on a short drive north of Florence, Fisol is a sanctuary that has been a favorite shelter for the city’s rich artists, intellectuals and elite for centuries.

Marcel Broast, Frank Lloyd Wright, Herman Hess and Paul Clay are key figures who have spent some time in Fisol in a few years. EM Forrester EH Roma is a scene and novels such as Gianni Bocchio de Desmaran.

The ancient Atrussen city is home to countless gardens, with flower gardens and panoramic views, but there is no one standing here due to the historical importance especially associated with contemporary culture.

The 15th century Franciscan monastery, Belmond Villa San Michele, combines the elegance of its ideal surroundings with one of the most popular urban elements in the capital of Tuscany: street art.

A luxury hospitality group working in hotels, trains and river cruises across the globe is a pioneer in the almond industry, tourism industry, thanks to its changing spirit of innovation.

It is a company that boasts of providing innovative experiences to its guests and has gained a good reputation in highlighting local traditions. It should not be surprising that Villa San Michele is a fertile land that respects the roots of Renaissance not only in Florence but also its contemporary artists.

Once you reach the property, you can not help but you notice the audience. First of all, an amazing excuse and an outdoor logo designed by Michael Angelo Second, a small reproduction of David Michelangelo – wearing a diving mask.

Part of contemporary art, part of a conversation, an unusual extension of the statue is a poem by Blub, one of Florence’s most prominent contemporary street artists, whose motto is L’Arte Sa Neotare. A typical artist with a distinctive beauty character can not be missed on the foreign piece of Florence.

Distinguished figures such as Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, a pearl-shaped Jarffe, and Venetian Bathicule, immersed in a ring of blue tone and painted with scuba masks.

As you enter the magnificent medieval monastery, you will find painted patchwork to work as a modern weeparpice. The joyful message of the artist is a message of hope: Even during high water level, you can wear goggles to float and move in new areas.

For me, [my work] is about to overcome the worry of not being successful. I believe change should be adopted without any fear and we should be aware of the resources and skills available to us. ”

Villa San Michele not only provides a romantic shelter from the madness of everyday life but can also inspire internal thoughts because it sinks on the pool.

Belmond Street Art was first launched in 2017 for the hotel to be activated with the latest art trends in Florence. On direct arrival, the artists take guests with amenities, including the accommodations of the guests, the reception area, seating rooms, bars, gardens and more.

This year, guests can enjoy underwater underwater painting, organic sculptures of Sartente Moradi and colorful Niyan designs.

Florence’s Ignerverni painting is shown in the hotel’s Cluster Bar, while Sandra Mus’s “Gates, Dream Trip” sites respect Leonardo da Vinci’s flight experience. The Renaissance artist introduced the flying machine in Montessori Park right behind the hotel in 1506.

In addition to its exhibitions inside the hotel, the hotel organizes artistic road trips in Florence where you can learn the stories of the most famous contemporary artists in the city.

Go to the artist studio behind the scenes and if you are lucky, you can also go to one of the founders of the street art movement in Florence: French artist CLET is often in the neighborhood of Ultrano in his studio.

Villa San Michele recently made an art tour with the Muuseon 1100, an ancient car that came back in the 1930s. A car designed by the street artist Lukmelote, based in Rome, is a modern electric motor for floral stencils and durable movement.

You can arrange a visit to nearby Enzo Pazzagli Art Park or the sunset tour of local monuments. For those who want to try their hands in making their own art, the hotel offers an outdoor drawing experience in a local boat.

Villa belmond san michelle

Fizol is 15-20 minutes’ drive from Florence and can be easily reached by taxi or private transport. The hotel offers a free shuttle several times a day from the hotel to the center of Florence. Belmond Villa San Michele is open from 1st April to 3 November 2019 and has 45 rooms and suites starting at $ 650.