Festival Napa Valley Provides Year-Round Arts Education

Festival Napa Valley Provides Year-Round Arts Education

It has been said that Napa Valley is the Disney World for adults. See the prominent winery and the taste of precious wine and expensive wine. However, seeing a close reveals something worthwhile, charitable.

It is said that $ 12 million has been mobilized for local, non-profit partners in the Napa Valley auction, which focuses on children’s education and community health. Later, on 10-21 July, Napa Valley Festival, there are high hopes in another year of successful fundraising in the promotion of community art.

Ron Walkar, president and CEO of the Festival, points out that the Napa Valley festival was united for nearly 15 years before self-employment, philanthropic people and art, music, food, and liquor in Napa Valley.

Every year, the festival sponsors a dynamic program that balances famous artists like this year’s British artists such as British Selvak Shekki Kehna-Mason, who had performed at Prince Harry’s Wedding and Duchess Nun Markle.

In support of their mission of “Transformational force for art for everyone”, 17 free offers to the public, while other prices decrease in community members and organizations like boys and girls clubs and local school districts, while teachers and Tickets are also offered to veterans, Sonia Tolbert, Operations in the Napa Valley Festival.

Homes and communities can be strengthened, improve graduation rate and ensure success.”

The promotion of art among people of the community goes beyond 11 days of incident every year, thereby making many initiatives a year to encourage youth of the area to develop art.

Tolbert explains, “To reach more than 20th, we encourage access to quality art education for 12th standard students by encouraging initiatives to integrate art with other courses, mentors, content, specific programs and young presentations. Are playing the leading role in doing so. ” Students in public schools every year. ”

As part of the year’s artistic publicity, the festival launched Arts for all camps to provide opportunities for youth in this area to participate in visual arts and exhibition in the summer camp environment.

In addition to this, the festival had launched the Blackburn Music Academy 3 years ago, in which there were toll-free music institutes of 90 young musicians between the ages of 18 to 36 years selected from colleges, music institutes and music schools around the world.

“This exciting experience is under the leadership of some professional musicians of the Festival Napa Valley, such as” major orchestra such as Russian national orchestra and metropolitan opera opera, as well as faculty members like Joshua Bell and Maxim Rubkov. ”

In the community, publicity of art throughout the year is at a price, but Tolbert points out that many donors receive generous long-term support in the festival. “The community, especially the wine industry and hospitality, which host our concerts, has become an art for everyone.

On Sunday evening from the opening weekend, a major fundraising center for the festival, and the program alone For the ticket purchase, the community allowed extended exposure of concerts, investment in educational programs increased. “In the success of the Nepalese Valley Festival Not play every role, “he said. Wu said T

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