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If you want to grow on instagram and want to be instafamous then you are at right place. Today here i’m gonna tell you about what startegy you should use to grow on instagram and be insta famous. I know lot of people now using instagram and instagram now became the most used platform here. Here you share your amazing photos, videos and stories.

Now here i’m telling about that you can get free Instagram followers if you will follow some tricks. Like uploading stunning photos to Instagram, choosing a niche and sticking to that, using hashtags, sharing instagram posts on other sites. These are some basic things that you can try to get free instagram followers.

1.Select niche

If you going to selecting a niche. Then you have to post photos daily and have to share knowledge gibing photos. The more your posts are better to inspire or taking attention of people, the more you will grow. Now you have to select one niche or category and have to stick to that. Like if you are know about something that other don’t know. Then you can select that niche and can share photos and videos regarding that. Like i have made one general knowledge page so i’m keep on sharing posts and photos related to it and people dropping like on photos daily.

2.  Use hashtags

If you uploads a photo then you must use hashtags. Hashtags can boost your posts. Like people who are searching for those posts will definitely find your post and also drops a like. It is really working and you can use this too. You just need to find hash tags related to your niche and have to make them visible on your posts. I mean you have to first find hashtags which you can find on google and then have to put on your photos. You can check increase in likes of your photos and videos. Lots of people using this thing from long time to get more likes

Most followers on Instagram

1. Instagram

Instagram itself has most followers on instagram with over 266m followers. Instagram has uploaded 5,573 post and following 215 people till now. You can check its on the first who has most followers on instagram.  Instagram may be came very first, or every person who makes Instagram account gets a option to follow instagram. And all this may cause to make instagram itself as most followed account on instagram. But this is an account and not a person so lets see who is the most followed person on instagram.

And the formula is you will only get likes on photos if people want to like.

The main idea behind this line is even if you gets so many followers, you will never gain likes. Why? Because people (your friends) who know you will only like your photos. For example. If you will open instagram and see lot of photos of people whom you don’t know. So what you will do. You will simply ignore or unfollow.

Thats the main reason behind why people unfollow us if we gets free followers. Now the likes you gets on instgaram is because all they people either know you or they liked your photo so much that they give a like. Now you main work is to make your followers to drop a like on your photo and the procedure here is very simple.

1. Follow people of same niche

If you have a instagram profile related to same niche (category) then you can get likes easily. This is generally for business profiles. Who want to grow their business on instagram. Lie if you have profile of any category who post photos related to same. Then people who like those categories will absolutely like your photo. For example. If you have a cloths page. Then if you will follow people who likes new clothes will absolutely like your photo. Now the next step is here how to know about people of your niche.

Its very simple just go to instagram and type the name of business related yo your category. Then open account and follow all the people who are following that page. For example if you have clothes page then find any other popular page and follow all people of that page or as you like. Then what will happen is the profiles who will unfollow you back will absolutely like your photos.

2. Use hashtags

3. Interact with followers

If you will gain followers and will interact with them. Then will also give a like on photos. The simple procedure behind this is to like their photos and videos and you will get them in back. Like JAISE KROGE WAISA BHAROGE

If you will like photos of all people whom you following then they will also like your photos. This way also makes free likes on instagram. Use this and get Free instagram likes on photos. My next post will about video views so subscribe by allowing notiifcation bell given at the bottom.

3. Interaction way

I think you know why your friends getting more likes on their photos and you not. Its very simple because they have more interaction with people than you. If you will not like other people photos, if you will not follow other people profiles, if you will not message other people then nobody will come to know about you and nobody will never ever like your photos. This is  simple and the more interaction means more.

You can use here simple trick that don’t interact with people who are already famous. Because it don’t affects them if you will like their photos or not. So always like photos of people who are not so much popular. Also messaging is important because sometimes people only came to know about others if they message them because there are lot of people who likes their photos. So make sure you message them. Also if you will noticed by them then you can see they will start like your photos.

This way you can also get free instagram followers and get more likes on your photos and videos. This is the simple rule to grow on instagram and i think you should use these rules to get noticed and get more likes on Instagram. Also if you want get video views then you should make awesome videos. Like i have uploaded so many videos and i’m getting lot of views which are always not same. Like sometimes i get more and sometimes i get less views but this is awesome and i only try to uploads videos that i think people will like. Also i replies to every comment on my videos and this makes me good in interaction way. These all things makes me to get free instagram followers and getting more likes on instagram.



First of all select any niche and if you have personal profile or don’t have any niche then just use hashtags in your photos and use interaction way. Means use hashtags and then always interact with people. Also try to follow new people everyday and like their photos, message them or i want to say get interacted with people. You can see lot of people will start like your photos. So i think now you should share this post with your friends on facebook and if you want videos on it then you can tell me on facebook and also message me there to get new posts update and if you want any other help from my side then contact me using contact form. So this is the most amazing way to get free instagram followers. Poeple also have used this to grow their pages and own profiles. You can now use this and can become instagram